About us

Skillz Soccer School

Skillz Soccer School offers players ages 4-17 the opportunity to learn the game of soccer, develop individual and team skills, and challenge themselves both on and off the field in a supportive, nurturing, and fun environment.

High quality coaching staff provides top-notch training for all Skillz players.

Players also receive training in speed/agility/balance/strength/ coordination, essential elements in the development of an athlete in any sport.

Athletes at the upper levels can participate in tournaments and games both within and outside of The Bahamas.


Skillz Objectives

„U6 Skillz sessions: Fun, fun, fun, and basics, basics, basics!

U8/U10 Skillz sessions: Golden Age of Learning, mastering the 5 technical skills of a complete player- dribbling, passing, receiving, finishing, and heading.

U12/U14 Skillz sessions: Continuing to master skills, and introducing tactics for 8-a-side and full field.

U17 Skillz sessions: Continuing emphasis on technique and skills, and mastering vision of the game.