The Role of the Skillz Coach, Player, and Parent


Skillz Coach

Coach for developmental success which leads to game success

„Understands the need for a balance of adversity and success in player and team development

„Understands the meaning of “Competitively Healthy,” agrees that the mental health of a player effects his/her ability to perform and play the game as well as be successful in school and off field

„Does not focus on or obsess about winning all of the games in or how many goals the team scored but rather on individual player improvements

„Create a motivating and inviting training environment

„Communication with the players regarding the college, professional and international game

„Understands that respect and sportsmanship are the cornerstones of character building

„Provide a fun and inviting practice and game environment

„Provides strength and balance for young players as they develop their view of what it means to be a soccer player and what soccer will ultimately mean to them

Skillz Player

Be on time and ready for practice

„Bring all necessary equipment: shirt/shorts, shin guards, cleats, soccer ball, water „

Remember that performance and energy follows attitude:

„Good Attitude equals High Performance, High Energy

Complete any assigned soccer “homework” „

Be supportive of other players and yourself

Skillz Parent

„Bring your child to sessions on time, and pick up your child on time „

Be supportive of your child and other players

„Be supportive of coaches and officials

„Help your child make good decisions